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FAF URL setup of ABRT client Ansible role

We recently added a new option to ABRT client Ansible role to setup URL of the FAF server, i.e., where crash reports from ABRT client are reported.

FAF in container

FAF is a framework for aggregating and analyzing reports of crashes and has never been easier to deploy it.

Reporting bugs to MantisBT with ABRT

In this blog post we will look at one of the many features of ABRT. And as you have probably guessed from the title, the feature is MantisBT reporter.

Catching Python3 exceptions in RHEL7

Python3 was not available in RHEL7 for a long time hence ABRT did not contain addon for catching such exceptions.

ABRT in Cockpit

In the upcoming release of Cockpit (144) users can now simply work with ABRT. This integration makes it easier for admins to watch over their machines and easily find what problems has occurred on them.