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Catching Python3 exceptions in RHEL7

Python3 was not available in RHEL7 for a long time hence ABRT did not contain addon for catching such exceptions.

ABRT in Cockpit

In the upcoming release of Cockpit (144) users can now simply work with ABRT. This integration makes it easier for admins to watch over their machines and easily find what problems has occurred on them.

We added Fedora 26 to retrace.fedoraproject.org

We’ve recently added Fedora 26 to retrace.fedoraproject.org. We were unable to do that in branching time, because of insufficient disk space. This has been resolved now. And you can report your crashes on all current Fedoras now.

ABRT integration within kubernetes

Monitoring of failures in Kubernetes nodes is now improved once more.

ABRT in Fedora 26 with systemd-coredump

Enabling systemd-coredump by default is from the perspective of ABRT the biggest change in Fedora 26.