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Reporting problems in Flatpak applications

If you’ve ever experienced a crash in a Flatpak application, you might have noticed that there is no notification coming from ABRT for it, and maybe you even noticed some strange messages in the system journal:

New FAF 2.0.0 released

The latest release of FAF comes with two major changes.

Java exceptions from container

As you know from a previous blog post, lately we have been dealing with catching unhandled exceptions from inside of containers.

Sidecar container for Python exceptions

In recent blog posts container-exception-logger (CEL) and catching unhandled Python exceptions we’ve introduced new tools for containers. Adding the tools to your Fedora container allows you to catch Python exceptions in the container and get logs of them to the host.

Docker logging tool container-exception-logger (CEL)

Previously, there wasn’t a way how to easily get information from inside of a container to a host. Therefore, we’ve developed a new tool container-exception-logger which allows you to send data from the container to host log. The main reason why we’ve created this tool is to get users to know about problems which appear inside of containers.