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ABRT in Openshift container

ABRT is able to run inside an Openshift resp. Docker container and catch certain subset of problems that occured on the host where the container is running including all other containers running on the same host.

Report problems from unpackaged executables to FAF server

Until this moment it was not able to report problems from unpackaged executables because no package information can be obtained from those executables, even a component name which is very important for problem reporting. In this article is described how to configure ABRT and FAF server to achieve this.

FAF in OpenShift

Guide on how to deploy your own FAF in OpenShift.

FAF URL setup of ABRT client Ansible role

We recently added a new option to ABRT client Ansible role to setup URL of the FAF server, i.e., where crash reports from ABRT client are reported.

FAF in container

FAF is a framework for aggregating and analyzing reports of crashes and has never been easier to deploy it.