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EOL of EL6 and EL7 and removal Customer portal support

Packages will no longer be built for EL6 and EL7

ABRT Analytics 2.3.0 released

A new version of ABRT Analytics (formerly known as FAF) has just been released. From the user’s point of view, you will probably find the following changes the most noticable:

New releases

With the branching of Fedora 33, we are releasing new versions of abrt, abrt‑java‑connector, gnome‑abrt, libreport, reportd and satyr

New name for ABRT?

The project ABRT started in 2009. The initial name was CrashWatcher. Very quickly changed to CrashCatcher. But in one month, it got its final name ABRT. ABRT is the name of a POSIX signal and stems from the word abort.

FAF is dead, long live ABRT Analytics

ABRT team decided to rename FAF to new name: ABRT Analytics.