EOL of EL6 and EL7 and removal Customer portal support

Posted by Miroslav Suchý on November 30, 2020

Packages will no longer be built for EL6 and EL7

For a long time, we talked about EOLing EL6 and EL7. What does it actually mean?

RHEL 6 is going to be EOL at the end of this month (30th November 2020). We will no longer build ABRT packages for EL6 and we will stop supporting EL6 as content.

RHEL 7 is still active but quite old. ABRT team will stop testing, building, and developing on top of RHEL7. We are going to focus on RHEL 8 and upcoming RHEL and Fedora. We still support RHEL 7 as content (e.g., in ABRT Analytics).

This is a description of the current de-facto state. The last release of ABRT Analytics was already not built for RHEL 7.

End of reporting to Customer Portal

Red Hat Customer Portal was migrated to a new backend that does not have the API which we need and as a result, we removed reporting to Customer Portal from ABRT (libreport - to be precise).