New releases

Posted by Michal Fabík on September 23, 2020

With the branching of Fedora 33, we are releasing new versions of abrt, abrt‑java‑connector, gnome‑abrt, libreport, reportd and satyr

The current latest versions are:

  • abrt-2.14.4
  • abrt-java-connector-1.2.0
  • gnome-abrt-1.3.6
  • libreport-2.14.0
  • reportd-0.7.4
  • satyr-0.31

Most importantly, libreport’s soname was bumped from to, which means some of the projects were re-released for compatibility reasons even though changes to their respective code bases wouldn’t otherwise warrant a new release. Overall, most of the changes since the last release are only relevant to developers. Some of the more visible changes that can affect end users are listed below:


  • oops-utils: Respect the ‘world-readable’ flag
  • plugins: abrt-dump-journal-core: Handle zstd compression
  • applet: application: Fix crash when processing deferred problems
  • dbus: Remove session objects when owner disconnects
  • python-problem: Use org.freedesktop.Problems2 API
  • abrt-console-notification: Work around noclobber
  • daemon: rpm: Use NEVRA instead of ENVRA
  • abrtd: Don’t delete new problem dirs
  • Make sure that former caches are group writable


  • Require java-11-devel for builds
  • Add indices to out-of-bounds exception output files
  • Adapt to different exception messages in Java 11


  • gnome-abrt: Load all required GIR namespaces
  • views: Unconditionally use Cairo surface for application icon
  • dbus_problems: Listen for Crash on org.freedesktop.Problems2


  • forbidden_words: Add potentially sensitive env vars
  • lib: Add version script for libreport
  • lib: compress: Use libarchive
  • dd: Update dd_get_owner to handle error return values
  • dirsize: Don’t pick .lock’d dirs for deletion
  • gtk-helpers: Check return value
  • lib: Don’t use external executables for decompression
  • Drop Red Hat Customer Portal reporter
  • ureport: Drop Strata integration
  • lib: Remove creates-items tag parsing in event definitions

More detailed changelogs are available for abrt and libreport.