A Blog of The ABRT Team

ABRT integration within kubernetes

Monitoring of failures in Kubernetes nodes is now improved once more.

ABRT in Fedora 26 with systemd-coredump

Enabling systemd-coredump by default is from the perspective of ABRT the biggest change in Fedora 26.

ABRT client ansible role

Some of you maybe don’t know how to install and enable ABRT. Hence, we created ABRT ansible role which does all the required steps. Basically the ansible role install all required packages and enable all services.

New ABRT's servers front page

Our team realized that when users visit our server to access for example FAF the first page did not contain any useful information about ABRT and our products.

ABRT 2.10.0 - new features

In the last release of ABRT we’ve introduced tons of new features. The most interesting ones are going to be summarized in this document.