New releases

Posted by Michal Fabík on February 19, 2020

Just prior to branching of Fedora 32, we released new versions of abrt, gnome‑abrt, abrt‑java‑connector, libreport, satyr and retrace‑server.

The current latest versions are:

  • abrt-2.14.0
  • gnome-abrt-1.3.1
  • abrt-java-connector-1.1.4
  • libreport-2.12.0
  • satyr-0.30
  • retrace-server-1.21.0

The new releases come with the following changes, among others:


  • CLI fixes
  • Avoid warnings about abrt-ccpp.service not existing during installation
  • dbus: Warn the user when GetProblems() is called with a large (>100) number of problems
  • Bring back journal catalog file for C/C++ crashes
  • Add short stack trace to the C/C++ crash journal catalog file
  • Fix abrt-dump-oops finishing with the wrong exit code


  • Change build system to Meson
  • Do not require X11 to be available
  • GUI tweaks gnome-abrt-GUI


  • Fix build failure with GCC 10


  • Switch to Nettle for SHA digest computation
  • Fix runtime warning in reporter-rhtsupport


  • Switch to Nettle for SHA digest computation


  • Add the possibility to run retraces in a podman container
  • Rework the pre- and post-retrace hook mechanism

More detailed changelogs are available for abrt and libreport.