ABRT in Cockpit

Posted by marusak on June 29, 2017

In the upcoming release of Cockpit (144) users can now simply work with ABRT. This integration makes it easier for admins to watch over their machines and easily find what problems has occurred on them.

What changes does it bring to Cockpit?

This support was integrated right into logs. Two main changes in the logs can be spotted:

  1. Filters in logs has changes to filter also problems cockpit-filters
  2. Some problems have different icon and contain data from ABRT cockpit-problems

After opening such problem there are 3 tabs:

  1. General tab - same as in each and every log cockpit-general
  2. Problem info - containing basic information about problem cockpit-general
  3. Problem details - containing details of the crash cockpit-general

Also you can Report problem into FAF or delete the problem.

Can I use it right now?

Sure you can! You will need upstream Cockpit and Fedora 26.

Upstream Cockpit

You can simply use upstream Cockpit by following this few steps . Also you can wait a few days for the new release.

Fedora 26

There are some big changes in ABRT as we mentioned in this blogpost. However if you install ABRT >= 2.9.0 and newest Libreport (2.9.1-2) and enable correct services as mention in the blog, then you can use it on whichever version of Fedora, CentOS or RHEL.

Isn’t there some demo?

Funny you should ask. You can watch it here.

Any other plans with this?

Yes, this is the first version. We plan on adding reporting to bugtracking tools such as Bugzilla, MantisBT and others that are supported by ABRT.